About MTG

Management Treasures Group has been founded by Ajay Wahi and Monica Wahi.

Ajay Wahi began his career with a bluechip software corporate in 1985. He started his career in Sales and Product Management, selling both products and services to companies.

He moved on to International Marketing across the USA and Asia. Subsequently, he gained considerable technical experience in the Systems Integration division, where his mandate was to build high value, long term business relationships with top Indian corporates.

With an intensive 360° exposure to the IT business, Ajay was ready to don the mantle of a CEO. He was hired to turn around a low- performing SME (subsidiary of a US company). His efforts were successful,and also won him recognition, resulting in his being requested by the management of a UK company to repeat his success story by turning around their SME in India.  Later, Ajay headed yet another SME which is an Indian subsidiary of a renowned French IT company for 11 years.

Unlike at the earlier SMEs, where he had legacies to counter, here he had the wonderful opportunity to build a SME from scratch. He was responsible for everything: Setting up infrastructure and interiors,recruiting his leadership team and other employees; Visioning and Strategizing for the future; Finalizing roles and goals at all levels; Evolving policies to create a motivated staff and a vibrant company, putting in place internationally acclaimed processes;  Analyzing and brainstorming to increase employee productivity through a mix of automation, training etc.

At each company where he has worked as CEO, Ajay has brilliantly demonstrated his ability to create success with fewer people than he actually required. He has developed and retained a productive, proactive and energized team, enabling large benefits to be shared amongst relatively few people. A Win-Win situation for both the SME and its employees! He is also the author of two best selling management books “Get noticed Get Promoted” and “the award for the best SME of the year goes to —”

Monica Wahi has experience in the asset management industry and handles the funds for the company.