The MTG Advantage

With over 33 years of experience in kick-starting , growing, managing and shaping the success of 4 ODCs through combination of Spinovation ( Speed and Innovation), MTG is well poised to deliver success rapidly and also ensuring reliability, scalability and economic value for each of our clients.

Partnering with MTG will ensure your ODC:

Delivers  RAPIDLY

With a deep understanding of the Indian laws, Rules & Regulations, Real-estate market, Compliances, Recruitment models etc, MTG can rapidly set-up your company, choose and make the best offices, recruit your leadership team, put best employee engagements in place etc. In the shortest time, you would be ready to operate and deliver from your ODC.


MTG ensures delivery of high quality products, services and support through a combination of best processes, best tools, best practices, best talent management models, best review mechanism, best analysis and corrective actions, best culture etc . All this along-with continuous review, controls and audits leads us to ensure that your ODC will deliver on-time  and with minimal defects.


Our vast exposure to talent management, talent acquisition and recruitment models on one side and a thorough understanding of the Office Infrastructure market helps to ramp-up your ODC with speed as and when desired. This ensures that the time to reach the market for your products will never get compromised.


We work under a philosophy of a pure partnership that managing your cost is actually our responsibility. Through our vast experience, we are able to ensure that all Infrastructure, Vendors, Administration  come to you at the lowest cost. Also through continuous focus on trainings, technology, processes, we ensure that your programmers etc become productive through reducing the need to add more people.

The promoter, Ajay Wahi has also authored two best-sellers:

  1. and the award for BEST SME of the year goes to…( ideal book meant for CEOs, CXOs, etc)
  2. Get Noticed Get Promoted ( perfect for managers and executives globally)