MTG Engagement Model

MTG  strongly believes in one thing: Our engagement does not stop by setting up your Captive ODC / starting your Shared ODC, infact, we believe that the real work starts only once the ODC is set up. Our deep engagement with clients and employees on one side AND with the high understanding of technology, processes, practices COUPLED with Analysis based reviews and corrective actions ensure complete success of your objectives viz-a-viz products, sales, revenues, reputation etc.

Our engagements run into 3 phases:

  1. Build Phase: In this phase, we ensure you get the best infrastructure, quality vendors to support your office functioning. We also swiftly put your leadership in team besides doing the standard company formation, registrations etc. With the above in place, your ODC is ready to start functioning now
  2. Operation Phase: In this phase, we work with your leadership team to ensure that the best processes, practices, tools ( both from technical view point and also employee view point) are put in place along-with full blown recruitment, on-boarding, training and performance management With the above in pace, your ODC is now ready to deliver products, applications, services etc
  3. Manage Phase: In this place, we ensure that the best review mechanisms are implemented. Reviews would include deep analysis of each and every activity and see why defects came, how to close gaps to ensure those defects never re-occur, define clear roles and responsibilities. We also focus a lot on sharing the great things done by a team / individual in our quest to ensure that each individual and team becomes world-class in itself.  Our Review mechanisms cover the following activities:
  • Over-all relationship with the Client ( management and stake-holders)
  • Quality and speed of Product development
  • Measure to enhance Employee Productivity
  • Impact of Culture to keep the morale high
  • Vendor Management  to keep all others costs as low
  • IP and Security Management for client re-assurance.

While all the above phases need to be implemented exhaustively for Captive ODCs, the Shared ODCs will see  more of the Managed Phase activities and less of the Build and Operate phases