ODC Models

With over 33 years of experience in starting , managing, growing at least 4 ODCs ( 2 US, 1 UK, 1 French), MTG can help you to set up:

  • Captive ODC
  • Shared ODC / Micro-captive ODC


A captive ODC is one in which you will own the employees, the infrastructure, the Support and other services etc. The entire ODC is owned by you but is built through the expertise of MTG who can either continue to run it for you or hand over the same for you to be run it independently. A captive ODC is ideal if you have atleast 30 technical personnel.


A shared ODC is one in which the employees work dedicated for you ( they could be on your payroll or MTG) but the other components like Infrastructure, Administration, Facilities, HR, Legal, Finance etc) are owned by MTG and shared among other like-minded companies like yours. For lower requirements like 5-20 developers, the shared ODC is ideal  as it lowers the costs and  saves your valuable time to manage your business there while MTG manages your technical show here.


An ODC can be set up for any or all of the following activities :

  • Application Development
  • Product Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Client Support
  • Software Testing

And can be any area like Web, Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, Social media etc


An end-user company can set up an ODC for its own IT needs or even a global IT company servicing its’ clients can also set up an ODC to undertake development form here.


In both cases ( Captive / Shared), client has full and transparent access to all data, records, code etc and also the ownership of these remain fully with the client.  Internally, Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed between the client and its’ employees. Also employees are trained on the importance of security  and also the scope and implementation of the cyber law.