Projects Done

1. Advised Prospus Inc. (US Start Up) on ramping up their Indian operations including building the technology team, setting quality standards for development and testing, setting up the client support team and building standards for best customer service, employing best HR practices to create a productive team that can adjust rapidly to a variety of global cultures, employing best employee engagement practices to retain people.

2. In partnership with a US client, MTG and the client jointly created an app called Vesselwise to help all vessel owners to be able to quickly connect with repairers, insurers, technicians so as to provide quick services for resolving any issue in a vessel. The app attracted over 50000 users. Eventually the app was successfully sold at a high valuation to another sales organisation which has the capability to make the app number one in the world.

3. Considering Accor’s recent takeover of Fastbooking France, MTG has been entrusted with the task of creating a unified technology across both the companies. This entails:

a. understanding the technology using which the products were made by the respective company and then figuring out the migration plan and then have all the products run under one technology.

b. understanding the quality standards of the respective companies and creating the plan to have a unified quality standard.

4. MTG has been appointed by Metacog Solutions to play a strategic sales and marketing role for their online courses on Supply Chain Management and to help Metacog conclude high value deals with the largest manufacturing companies in India, South Asia, Middle East.

5. MTG has a strategic tie-up with a leading marine company in the US and are partnering with them for augmenting their technology resources and also for creating apps and websites for them.

6. MTG has picked up a significant stake in a startup which will create standards for one of the most dis-organized but critical industries in India. MTG will provide strategic guidance on various technology solutions which could help in a disruptive manner to organize the industry. In addition MTG will advise in various matters relating to sales, marketing, advertising, communication etc.